Re-inventing how DJs get gigs

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What are we doing

  • For DJs

    Build your talent profile and share with influencers to get gigs and acquire fans.

  • For Music Lovers

    Follow your favorite DJs and connect with them in personal level

  • For Venues

    A great way to qualify a talent that fits your needs and make sure they fill your space

Gigturn is peer-to-peer music and social media platform where DJs, fans and influencers find, connect, recommend and hire each other. Our platform enables a talent in New York, San Francisco or Miami to land a gig in DC, Philly or Boston. Gigturn's unique offering is its ability to connect awesome talent to local influencers in the club and music industry and intensify their fan experience.

Meet the founder

  • Mohamed Kamal (Founder, CEO)

    Mohamed got a master's in Computer Science at Maryland and loves everything dance music. Seven years ago, Mohamed realized being a bass player comes with no street cred won't get you far, so he started DJing and producing house music. Mohamed quit his job at Sirius XM Radio, to start Gigturn.

We are hiring

If you love DJ'ing and want to become indispensable to a fast-growing, kick-ass, yet humble startup, Gigturn might be your next home.

We're proud to call downtown Washington DC our home, where the food is awesome, the winters are mild, and the electronic dance music culture is a lot of fun and creates business opportunities. When the weather is nice (a.k.a. most of the time), there are bikes parked all over the office. You drive? We've got 24/7 garage parking right in the heart of downtown

Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails Developer

Who You Are: Above all, you need to be innovative and lack a comprehension for the word "impossible". You need to have an obsessive attention to detail and user experience. Ideally, your technical skills would be the following:

Expert in Ruby, Rails 3, API design, and related technologies. Excited by and familiar with the tools and methodologies use for building great software, including Git, pragmatic BDD/TDD testing, and other aspects of our tech stack like Haml, SCSS, and JavaScript and/or CoffeeScript. Appreciation for Agile development and beautiful / efficient code

Smart yet humble. Ideally you are the type of person who takes pride in what you build, questions the status quo so we can improve, defends your ideas and respects others' opinions. Everyone here is focused on finding the best solutions to the problems we face. You should be independent and product-focused. We expect our developers to also define big portions of the products they build. If you want to be handed a complete product spec on your first day, you'd probably be happier working elsewhere.

How we work:

Ask forgiveness, not permission
He/She who DJs - rules
Low inventory
Be real
You must love, eat and breathe music
How to apply
1. Send us an email:
2. Or
3. Skip the resume. Instead demonstrate why you are different and right for the job.
4. Write a paragraph on why you want to work with us.
5. Write a sentence or two about the most impressive thing you have done or achieved.
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